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Marketing collaterals for Textile & Fashion Federation (TaFf) to promote Singapore designers in WWD MAGIC, Las Vegas Convention Center held on 21 – 23 August 2012. The 6 Singapore designers are abide in me, Belicious Swimwear, I.E, Liquid by max.tan, Santorini and Triologie. Using vibrant colours and geometric elements to represent the Singapore fashion industry going into a new era of creativity and design talents, having an unpredictable yet full of energy vibe. Collaterals include: brand book, eDM.

Printed on Antalis Curious Metallics – Virtual Pearl 240gsm (Cover), 120gsm (Content). Loop stitch binding, 4C x 4C, 20pp.





Corporate collaterals for Apparel.sg to promote exemplary apparel manufactures of Singaporean origin. Adding to their legacy of excellence is their increased commitment to protecting environment and social fabric in which they do business, to build lasting partnerships. Using thread stitching to complement and portray the intricateness of their corporate business nature, a clean and minimalistic treatment is approached to set the look and feel throughout the collaterals. Printed on off-white textured paper stock and metallic foil on the corporate tagline. Collaterals include: brand book, eDM, exhibition booth and web banners.

Printed on RJ Monet 150gsm (cover), 115gsm (content). Matt Art 85gsm (inserts). Red thread stitch binding. Metallic red foil on front cover. 40pp.



Expo Riva Schuh 2012


Marketing collaterals for Textile & Fashion Federation (TaFf) to promote Singapore footwear in Expo Riva Schuh, Riva del Garda Italia held on 16 – 19 June 2012. An elegant and contemporary vintage look and feel on off-white textured paper stock is adopted to depict these shoemakers who are masters in their field. Collaterals include: brand book, eDM and exhibition banners.

Printed on RJ St. Cotton Plain White 140gsm, 4C x 4C printing and thread stitched. 16pp



TRANO? – Paris Fashion Week 2012


Client: Textile & Fashion Federation

Marketing collaterals to promote Singapore designers in Tranoi, paris fashion week held on 2 – 5 March 2012. Vibrant shards depicting red & white elements were used to represent the collective of Singapore accessories. Collaterals include: brand book, eDM, web banner, advertisement and carrousel screen.

Printed on Maple White 170gsm (cover), Maple White 140gsm (content).
4C x 4C printing and saddle stitched. 24pp.





Grapheme Zine Lab is brewing at Goodman Arts Centre. Expect an experimental space where anyone can come craft a zine, learn book-making techniques, or browse/buy an array of books and zines.The Zine Mosh is an exhibition-cum-distribution experiment: 1 part tangible creativity, 2 parts freedom of self-expression. A heap of micro-publishing, a liberal sprinkling of the DIY ethos.

Self-published 16pp zine titled: zest*. Handstitched and bound. 1/1 edition.

Upcoming exhibition this Saturday @ 90 Goodman Road – Goodman Arts Centre – Block B #05-06. See you guys there!

RSVP: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=181668805243554