The Other Shore

Do not go deep in a forest – you will get lost
All the paths lead to the swamp.
All the beasts from the forest go there
And ferns and juniper
Stand along those trails.
And ferns and juniper
And clearings covered with heather
With the premonition of the morning mist.

In the deepest part of the forest
Near the lake overgrown by moss
You will find only the traces of a twillight deer
and the abandoned den of the bear.

Do not go into the thicket – you will get lost
And will stay on the other shore.
As you stay on the other shore
You will notice a winter coming.
As you don’t notice a winter coming
You will hide in a den of the bear.
As you hide in a den of the bear
You will fall into endless sleep.

If you do wake up, then do know – nobody is here
Do not wait for anyone, do not wait.
And do not hope to find another way
in a mist.

Nikita Pirogov


dear diary.

dear diary,
life’s not a bed of roses. it rained on me today for the third day in a row.
i was drenched from head to toe but i kind of like it. it gives me time to think.

won’t she ever notice me?
i saw her in school again today.
beautiful as ever.
i wonder if she’ll ever know my name.

she glanced at me today!
summer never felt so good. the birds chirped louder and the sun shone brighter.
such a spring in my step i had!
you know, sometimes i close my eyes, and wonder how a girl like her would ever fall for a boy like me.
i can only hope.


sarah lovely sarah!
she looked as beautiful as anything i’d ever seen on earth!
i imagine her in a white satin dress, flowers in her hair, sunflowers maybe.
she’d be standing in a field of daffodils, and the sun would be reflected in her eyes.
her hair shimmered and her smile sprawled.


‘how hard would it be?’ we thought.
love knows no boundaries, or so we thought.
i wonder what time it is over there?

we spoke on the phone for an hour today, and i told her i’d fly up to see her during the holidays.
where am i gonna get the money?
maybe if i took on the extra shift at dennys’.
or if i walked instead of taking the bus.
sigh, oh how i want to see her!

sarah called today, and she sounded real happy, over there she’s adjusting well!
i’m happy for her, i really am!
but i want her to not like it a little bit.
i know it’s selfish, but if she didn’t like it there, amybe she’d move back here!
oh sarah sarah

she’s always on my mind
from the time i wake up, till i close my eyes.
she’s everywhere i go, she’s all i know.
my friends keep telling me, if you really love her
you’ve gotta set her free and if she returns in kind,
you’ll know she’s yours.


– courtesy of A



when he went blundering back to god,
his songs half written, his work half done,
who knows what paths his bruised feet trod,
what hills of peace or pain he won?

i hope god smiled and took his hand,
and said, “poor truant, passionate fool!
life’s book is hard to understand:
why couldst thou not remain at school?”

Charles Hanson Towne


that’s all.

easy going, fun loving at first,
until one day a whole new world came,

a world where wrong seems to be right,
a world where cultures clash,
a world so full of ‘fake’ appearances once you step into it,

then on everything change,
not the same person i know anymore,
but turn out to be that typical person everyone so used to dislike,

it’s not you i blame,
it’s that world i blame,
i know you will be stuck there for a while,

it’s on thin ice now,
either you make or you break,
let’s hope you make,

or if you break,
hope you will realise,
i’m right & you’re wrong,

if you make,
let me realise how wrong i am in the first place,

that’s all i have to say,
that’s all i can do,

let us all see what happens from now.



Today is the last day I stay in my own fantasy world
Tomorrow is a new day I begin life on an isolated island

There’s a reason I’m here
Yeah, there’s a reason I’m here

I can’t go on
Thinking it’s wrong
To speak our minds
I’ve gotta let out what’s inside

Entered as a boy
Exit as a man

May my bunk mates not be some faggots
And my cupboard not filled with maggots

Instructors please be more friendly
Food please be more tasty

Let me be posted to a slacker unit or company
Cause these are the days worth livin’
These are the years I’m given
And these are the moments
These are the times

Even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn’t matter
These are the moments
These are the times
Let’s make the best out of our lives