recent work: Singapore Diamond Exchange


Corporate identity, branding and website design for Singapore Diamond Exchange. SDX is a premium diamond exchange headquartered in Singapore and operating within The Singapore FreePort – Asia’s one and only high security freeport and storage facility. Taking inspiration from the facets of a diamond, a sleek three-dimensional letterform is constructed for the identity. This approach is then being translated into the website interface.

Creative agency: Trine Design Associates


recent work:


Blueprint 2011: Asia’s Fashion Trade Gateway

Blueprint is Asia’s first international fashion trade platform for East-West exchange. It uniquely specializes in launching cruise collections and curates fresh and forward menswear, womenswear and accessories including jewelry, shoes and bags from emerging designers destined for international markets. The conceptualised theme – ‘Brave New World’ marks the start of a brave new world for the emerging fashion designers handpicked from around the world to be showcased at Blueprint, new in the sense that are new challenges to be faced and opportunities to be seized for the freshly minted future stars of the fashion world.

A three-dimensional paper installation was also built for the set of the photoshoot and the campaign visual features a model delicately emerging from the sculptural forest and dressed in an avant-garde clothing. The campaign visual evokes a sense of timeless beauty and yet conveys a bold character of progressiveness – a reflection of Blueprint’s 2011 fashion collection. The sculpture consists of arrangements of cut paper in its purest form – the intentional lack of finish and improvisatory nature create an interesting interaction between the subject (model), the clothes and the texture, plane and volume of the paper during the set.

Awarded a Red Dot in The Red Dot Design Award 2011 for Communication Design.

Creative agency: Trine Design Associates


blueprint emporium.


Asia’s first international fashion trade platform returns for a more impressive showing in its sophomore year with a four-day trade exhibition, which includes a consumer sales extravaganza, from 19 to 22 May 2011 at the Marina Bay Sands Hall B.

EMPORIUM (21 – 22 May) – BLUEPRINT’s weekend shopping event is a premium pop-up shop that offers seasonal and sample sales items from the exhibitors of BLUEPRINT, as well as exclusive and handmade apparel and accessories (for men, women and children) and lifestyle design items from around the world.


Audi Fashion Festival 2011


Showstopper Heartbreaker.

To celebrate the epitome of fashion and car design, the new Audi A1 is transformed from a commercial object into an evocative showstopper. Inspired by the endless transition of fashion trends from season to season, through an organic skin design with a seamlessly merged dual look of ‘day’ and ‘night’ modes.

The Showstopper Heartbreaker exudes the infinitely sexy combination of thrilling dynamism and tension. The ‘day’ mode sets a stark minimalist tone while the ‘night’ mode unveils bold sleek sophistication upon its powerful red background. A truly fashionable case of Jekyll and Hyde.

Car displayed at the Tent @ Orchard.