How Singaporeans find love?


The concept of recommendation is one of the most influential ways to make people interested. It works for almost everything; and a recent survey among Singaporean singles unveils that it also works when it comes to love and dating.

Results show that 85% of singles in Singapore would rather date or meet someone they know through their friends or social network and 53% of Singaporeans trust their friends when it comes to dating advice, tips and recommendations.

“It’s all about date recommendations from trusted friends”, says Alexander Wallestam, Founder and CEO of Go Break The Ice. “In real life, people who are in relationships meet their partner very often through their friends, and colleagues, at an event or private party or dinner. That’s what I wanted to translate into the online world. At current online dating sites you are thrown into a jungle similar to walking into a bar filled with people you don’t know. But as soon as there’s only one person you have a common friend with, or you have been introduced to, you already have something in common. That makes it so much easier to start a conversation, and most likely it will lead you to a better and more honest conversation.”

Go Break The Ice is a new online dating service that users the influence of one’s social network to find Mrs. or Mr. Right while this survey was part of its market research activities.

However, online dating in its current form still has some risks. Some scenarios include persons looking completely different than on the photo, persons not showing up at all, person who turned up made a somewhat creepy or suspicious impression.

Nonetheless, online dating stills plays an important role for singles on their search for a partner. Almost close to 50% of Singaporeans (46%) have already tried, or are considering meeting their partners online.

This representative survey was commissioned by the new online dating service Go Break The Ice, and executed by Singapore based research company Blackbox Research. Blackbox interviewed 612 Singaporeans over the age of 18. The survey was conducted online. Results were weighted to reflect current national demographics (Citizens/PRs only).