Avalon, Marina Bay Sands


A dream city of the future envisioned by 20 different creatives. Controlpolis is a landscape of many design ideas, lifestyle choices and whimsical fantasies. Each piece of architecture has a story to tell, and as a collective, a wonder to be experienced. The city is a tribute to Mystic Vintage’s new aviator sunglasses Control, which celebrates freedom and flight.

THEM.SG is back with a ground-breaking exhibition where we celebrate the burgeoning Singapore talents in the field of art, design, fashion and dance. The first festival to gather more than 100 local artists into one venue and one massive collaboration, THEM JAM features some of Singapore’s creme de la creme as curators, promising a spectacular night to remember.

Presenting something a little less ordinary, be prepared to expect an avant garde fashion presentation which explores the boundaries of interactive media presented by Quincy Teofisto of cult boutique Blackmarket; art installations by Alvin Tan (phunk studio) and Jason Tong of Mystic Vintage; a live music and dance collaboration in the form of a Dance Jam curated by Felix Huang of pioneering breakdance crew Radikal Forze. The musical talents of Pushin’On and the Bamrah Bros will be rocking the jam, along side the revolutionary audio-visual collective SYNDICATE and always pumping BEDSTY who are also among the stellar line-up.

Think of it as a giant collaboration between Singapore’s leading influencers coming together to do something a little less ordinary in the name of passion, and of course, fun.