The Design Society Journal N°8 : Anew

I am honored to be invited as Black Mongrels to design 1 of the 60 limited edition covers for the new issue N°8 – Anew. Using visual eye tricks, we created a typographic optical illusion that translates the text “you raze the old to raise the new”. Sometimes when we view things from a different angle, we get a fresh perspective, a new light. Hence always see things anew; when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

The Design Society Journal is the voice for The Design Society Singapore. Espousing the vision of the society, it serves to champion design excellence, accord recognition to local designers, and nurture among Singaporeans a greater awareness of and interest in quality design. Originally created by designers for designers, it has evolved into a platform for the creative community at large to convene and collaborate. This issue is made possible with HP Indigo Press technology and takes on a new format that includes thematic sections and sharpened content– attuning to the shifting trends in the industry.



OuterEdit Collab – Geometry x Space x Time


OuterEdit works with the world’s top creative people to make artwork through a fresh online & real-time, 5-way collaborative format called the ‘O/E Collab’. Showcasing the acclaimed creatives’ graphic skills and their human take on the O/E Collab challenge as a group, the top-voted artwork ultimately get produced on premium OuterEdit apparel and stocked in its online store for the world to enjoy. Together We Make Awesome.

Collab Theme – Geometry x Space x Time

In space, no one can hear you scream. But everyone can watch the geometric wizardry you beam: angry angles, points doing a pirouette, canvas-crinkling lines, curves smiling widely… it’s time for space travel as we make space for time travel. To parallel universes and beyond!

Featured Creatives – Timo Boese x Junya Saito x Acci Baba x Andrew Thomas x Hao

Contributed Starting Artwork – Explorer

The geometry of space creates its own systems of time and the sense of dynamic elements translating into a posture or ceremony of imagination.

Design Exchange –

Heart this artwork to see it printed on O/E Limited Edition T-shirts! 



Audi Fashion Festival 2011


Showstopper Heartbreaker.

To celebrate the epitome of fashion and car design, the new Audi A1 is transformed from a commercial object into an evocative showstopper. Inspired by the endless transition of fashion trends from season to season, through an organic skin design with a seamlessly merged dual look of ‘day’ and ‘night’ modes.

The Showstopper Heartbreaker exudes the infinitely sexy combination of thrilling dynamism and tension. The ‘day’ mode sets a stark minimalist tone while the ‘night’ mode unveils bold sleek sophistication upon its powerful red background. A truly fashionable case of Jekyll and Hyde.

Car displayed at the Tent @ Orchard.