Fash Mob!



Calling all wannabes, has-beens and never-theres, FASH MOB celebrates the beauty of form and the joy of youth with a genre, gender and gravity-defying night of eccentricity and insanity. DJs Dave Does & Adrian Wee dish out the dirt over the sound system, and BJs (not what you think! Butter Jocks) Bobby & Ritz act as hosts and party fluffers to keep the vibe in the red!

If you are an accessory in the art, design & fashion industry, then join the glamorous runway train with fellow media-folks, designers, make-up artists, models, illustrators, students, stylists, hipsters & wankers- in this night filled with air kisses, perfect hair, and to-die-for threads.

Event logo and flyer creation for The Butter Factory.