The Other Shore

Do not go deep in a forest – you will get lost
All the paths lead to the swamp.
All the beasts from the forest go there
And ferns and juniper
Stand along those trails.
And ferns and juniper
And clearings covered with heather
With the premonition of the morning mist.

In the deepest part of the forest
Near the lake overgrown by moss
You will find only the traces of a twillight deer
and the abandoned den of the bear.

Do not go into the thicket – you will get lost
And will stay on the other shore.
As you stay on the other shore
You will notice a winter coming.
As you don’t notice a winter coming
You will hide in a den of the bear.
As you hide in a den of the bear
You will fall into endless sleep.

If you do wake up, then do know – nobody is here
Do not wait for anyone, do not wait.
And do not hope to find another way
in a mist.

Nikita Pirogov


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