that’s all.

easy going, fun loving at first,
until one day a whole new world came,

a world where wrong seems to be right,
a world where cultures clash,
a world so full of ‘fake’ appearances once you step into it,

then on everything change,
not the same person i know anymore,
but turn out to be that typical person everyone so used to dislike,

it’s not you i blame,
it’s that world i blame,
i know you will be stuck there for a while,

it’s on thin ice now,
either you make or you break,
let’s hope you make,

or if you break,
hope you will realise,
i’m right & you’re wrong,

if you make,
let me realise how wrong i am in the first place,

that’s all i have to say,
that’s all i can do,

let us all see what happens from now.


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